The Selborne Landscape Partnership (SLP) is a cluster of 27 farmers and conservationists restoring nature across the countryside that was home to Gilbert White, pioneering ecologist and the writer Jane Austen.

Since 2014 , whilst doing the day job of producing food, SLP members have been improving habitats to establish wildlife corridors on a bigger, more joined-up landscape scale.
Farmers and Volunteers - hedge laying and harvest mice nest surveying

By understanding the needs of key target species, a mosaic of nature-rich areas has been enhanced and created to provide year-round food and homes for wildlife. Butterflies, bees, birds, mammals and amphibians are all cared for using a variety of conservation methods including hedgerow management with flower- and seed-rich margins.

Alongside this work, much like Gilbert White, our team of 35 active, local volunteers have been observing and recording the wildlife to prove that this collaborative landscape-scale conservation works.

Selborne village 

The heart of the Partnership

Partnership Map

Farms in the cluster